• Rules of Referral Offer
    • Each successful admission in any of the products (Classroom & homeGATE) would result in a cash scholarship or cashback of Rs 1500 and for (Correspondence Program Premium, usbGATE, tabGATE & tabGATE-SD Card - 128 GB) would result in a cash scholarship or cashback of Rs 750.
    • Five (5) successful referrals will give you an opportunity to earn maximum scholarship or cashback of Rs 7500
    • The referred student would also be entitled to a discount of Rs 5000 (Classroom), Rs 3000 (homeGATE - LIVE Online Classes) and 1000 (CPP, usbGATE, tabGATE & sdCARD) respectively (Note: The referral discount will not be clubbed with any existing offer)
    • The student (referrer) must be an existing student of THE GATE ACADEMY
    • The referral offer is valid for 60 days. The referred student(s) must avail of this offer within 60 days of referring.
    • The offer is valid only on the following products –
      • Classroom Course
      • homeGATE (LIVE Online Classes)
      • usbGATE
      • Correspondence Program Premium
      • tabGATE-SD Card - 128 GB
    • A successful referral is defined by the admission of referred students within the validity period of 60 days from the day of referral.

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